Company Data

Go Virtual Hub LLC., is a leading provider of 

virtualization solutions for military, and commercial,

clients, brings a focused approach to delivering 

positive results for all client segments.

Our team has the proven expertise to deliver the right

solution, whether it is a cyberspace mission for the

Department of Defense sector; a commercial

privacy solution or a redesigned infrastructure for

government client.

Core Competencies

Virtualization Expertise in server, network, and

storage virtualization as well as deploying Virtual 

Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Enterprise Class 

Storage Systems, SAN or NAS

Security Expertise in securing systems, networks

and data as determined by criteria such as NIAP, 

DISA, NIST, NSA and common criteria.

Professional Services Capability in providing quality personnel for short and long term on-site IT engagements.

Server/Desktop Virtualization Benefits

Reduce number of servers, increasing server utilization,   Provide High Availability and true Load Balancing   Reduce power, cooling and space used in data centers.   Simplify Backup and Disaster Recovery   Reduce staff time wasted on desktop maintenance    Leverage thin clients with longer life spans than PCs.

Security and Compliance

Improve security and reduces risk across the

enterprise through proactive vulnerability

management. Define policies and procedures to enable a

predictable, measured security posture. Expertise in the 

DIACAP processes. Reduce liability and exposure 

inherent with non-compliance, by ensuring all solutions

meet SOX, HIPAA and SAS-70 requirements (commercial and governmental guidelines).

Professional Services

High quality certified and (available) DoD cleared resources to meet any client requirements. Can support all position levels, from basic system administrator to an enterprise architect. All resources participate in mandatory on-going education and training.